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Mr Google and his maps helped me a lot! By coincidence I shall be in that area later this year for a few days with my 405 so might call in and have a look at it. It looks an interesting workshop anyway.

Here is a translation of the bit on the website about it
"Patina without end ........
Such a lived life as this Bristol is what the boss loves. He couldn’t resist the Bristol.
Many years ago a friend had parked the car derived from the BMW 327 for 45 years as a paint-stripped parts carrier.
Uli Weinberg liked the originality and the conspicuous lived life. He bought it, restored the chassis and brakes, put in a new wireing harness and replaced the blind headlights.
The car then had its only public appearance for more than half a century at the graduation ceremony in 2015 for Weinberg's son. In Bristol and tuxedo the Weinbergs drove through Zetel and were assured of much attention ...."

Your second conundrum is more difficult and Peter Stellwag in Munich has already had a go at it without success. I can send you a translation of the article by private mail if you wish.
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