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Default 405 and Brabazon 401

This is a bit of a long shot but here goes, about a year to eighteen months ago a 405 was advertised on ebay with steel windscreen support frames, if it is still available I would be interested in purchasing this car which had sadly been robbed of its engine and box.
The second car of interest is the Brabazon 401 fitted with the 411 engine, box and other mods, available info suggests
a) it has been sold to Bristol Cars and scrapped.
b) it was sold before Bristol Cars bought the remaining spares and project cars from Fender Broad.
Again this car is of considerable interest even if no further development work has been undertaken.
If you own either of these cars or know their whereabouts please contact me off forum, but only in the latter case if you know the current owner may be willing to sell.
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