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jimfoz 26-07-17 08:18 AM

Convertible 603
I recall a few years back that Brabazon Motors were converting a 603 to a droptop. They seem to have gone out business since then and I wondered what happened to the 603? In photos it appeared to be converted minus paint and interior.

Maggan 15-11-19 05:01 PM

This car is now for sale, as a restoration project, on the Bristol Cars website.

Maggan 22-07-21 11:50 AM

By chance I noticed on instagram that the car is being restored/completed.

Link >

Xseries 02-01-22 12:12 AM

Hopefully the car will be on the road later this year. Sourcing the parts has been made much easier with CBCPC Ltd having much of what is needed.

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