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409 tyres

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Old 18-10-15, 02:30 AM
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Default 409 tyres

Have looked at some previous posts and for my 409 I think I have narrowed it down as follows:
Tires on the car are 600 X 16 or 5" ( footprint) X 28".
A 185 VR16 would be close...need to check footprint and I am considering these 2 options: Michelin X at $300
or Pirelli Cinturato at $400.
Have posted this initially in the 411 section.

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Old 18-10-15, 08:55 AM
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Angry 409 tyres

Hi Anne, after much deliberation like yourself I decided to put 5 Michelin X on my 407. Nothing to do with price, I just felt that as I had used them in period and liked them I would give them a try. They were available in period and can be obtained with the correct speed rating. That was another concern, I bought them from Longstone tyres who advertise in our magazine.
I am very impressed and wish I had bought them earlier in my ownership, having kept to the Avon Turbospeeds it, the 407, came with.
The tramlining is no more, the ride is greatly improved due I think to the extra flexibility gived by the sidewalls. The only downside is an extra bit of effort in parking but even that has been decreased by upping the tyre pressures to 34 lbs sq inch.
All in all one of the best improvements I have made to the 407 in the 16 years I have owned her/him.
It is having an engine rebuild at the moment as a long trip on Irish petrol finally ruined the engine after running it for 69 thousand miles on unleaded!
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Old 18-10-15, 10:00 AM
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Default radials 185 /16

Always go for radials, remember fitting to Jag XK 150 =Bristol 408
and 411 s5 (205/70/15) with Avon safety wheels.
Hope everyone from BOC enjoyedthe Rols Royce Annual Rally in Stamford. BUT!! there is nothing more exciting
seeing a Bristol suddenly on the road.Who was it driving to Menai Bridge
from Beaumauris N Wales last year? I automatically waved at it's driver.
A 603 or later? Tyre sizes these days seem to be so full of various
combinations some so near eg 255 55 17 Bentley similar to Bmw
235 65 17 --fat-thin/ lower profiles /speed rating /weight rate/
date of manufacture etc. 50 years ago there was a very small selection
to choose from.
185/16 Taxi radials did the job!!
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Old 18-10-15, 12:05 PM
This message has been deleted by Kevin H. Reason: Off topic
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Old 18-10-15, 04:19 PM
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Thanks to both of you.
Ok will probably go with the Michelins as suggested and I have used them happily on a DS and Peugeot.
I do remember them letting go "suddenly" on a wet road when pushed on fast bends....must remember that LOL.
My car is a later 409 with power steering, so that will help with parking.


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