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B400 -windscreen sealing - which one?

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Old 10-02-20, 02:17 PM
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Default B400 -windscreen sealing - which one?

The sealing of the windscreen is hard and has cracks.

In the spare list I found some parts.

1. Windscreen Sealing Rubber E 5620/R117 Item1 10ft
2. Windscreen Tabular Sealing Rubber Item2 10ft
3. Glazing Rubber 2" wide x 1/16" thickness x 6'6" long

I guess the last time of renewing was round about 1990.

The body is 236. In the WSM there is a change from sealing strip tabular to sealing strip external from #203 and the drawing looks like there are different clamps to hold the windscreen frame to the wood frame. But the sealing in my car looks like the tubular one. An evidence of a possible wrong part is a crack in the lower corner of the left screen.

Are the clamps part of the windscreen frame? Does the sealing depend on windscreen frame? I can't find the frame as a part or spare.

Are there really different windscreen farmes?

If yes - How can I determine that I have the newer one but the wrong sealing?

How can the sealing rubber be longer than the glazing rubber if the split needs additional glazing rubber?
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Old 10-02-20, 07:21 PM
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Yes,Not easy! When I did this a few years ago I obtained the "correct" keyhole section seal from Bristol cars. It might have cost 48 11RC.
This was the wrong size, too big, and could never fit the windscreen aperture.Eventually I broke the screen trying to fit in.
There are two sorts of seal on the 400.Firstly the whole frame of the windscreen fits flUsh into the windscreen aperture.
The circular part of the rubber seal then operates between the frame of the screen, and the paintwork inside the aperture.
Later models used a more conventional flat section seal, about 1" wide, which fits over the top of the aperture .Needs to sit slightly proud and is perhaps less elegant.Probably leaks less too.
Both sorts are available from classic car suppliers, if you send them an inch of the old one.
Probably a neater and better solution to version 1 is to install the screen without a seal then apply a generous bead of sealant all round and smooth it flat. Our local windscreen centre did this for me nicely.
Syd Lovesy told me that there was a demarcation dispute between the Coach builders,the painters,the trimmers, and the fitters, whose areas of work intercepted where the screen joined the bodywork.
Might explain something.
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Old 10-02-20, 07:41 PM
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Thank you Stefan

that prevents me getting the sealing from Bristol.

I can not see clearly from your answer if the windscreen aperture/frame differs.
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Old 11-02-20, 10:50 AM
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Bella ,
My two 400's , Car 427 & 504 , produced in 1949 and 1950 respectively have the later screen rubber as Stefan advised .
The chrome frame sits on packing pieces of about 5/16 inch thick that are between body and screen frame . The rubber I use then presses on the body skin and as yet does not leak , even without any sealing compound. The only leak I have encountered in over 35 years was between the glass and chrome windscreen frame.
But it does not rain much in Australia
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Old 11-02-20, 11:25 PM
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Default B400 - windsreen sealing -

I realy can confirm the solution Stefan has documented.
Restorating B 418 from 1949 with the latter version
it was imposible to press the rubber into the gap
without destroying the glas.
Finally my windscreen specialist did just the same Stefan discribed.
The packing pieces had been very usefull to fix everything untill the sealant hardend.

The result with the small black frame between chrome and body
looks much better than the broad rubber.
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