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Default 407 Brake Calipers etc

As they say, further to other replies, everything for the Dunlop Brakes are easily and readily available.
Past Parts of Bury St Edmunds, not only supply the parts from stock but will re-sleeve brake cylinders.
The brakes were used in Jaguar E types etc from 1961 to 1963 for instance. Do not be tempted to change to cooper kraft as the dunlop's give readings at MOT time better than many modern cars.

I have had my 407 since 1999 so have had to source lots of parts. Any help willingly given.

Do not forget to try Brian Marelli as Bristol Cars Service.

Past Parts Ltd, Unit 4 Chase Road, Northern Way Industrial Estate, Burt St Edmunds Suffolk IP32 6NT
Tel 01284 750729
Fax 01284 756240 The Leading Past Part Site on the Net

Nick 407 6028
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