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Default The tear down for a good look-see

I shuddered when I saw some of the undersides because it so reminded me of the on Aston DB6 I bought some years back. The aluminum body looked so good, and the paint buffed out quite well. It had sat outdoors for years when the fellow decided to sell it. He had imported the car, and drove it that summer. Having no knowledge of the cold-start, cable operation of the SU enrichment linkage (missing), he was disappointed once the weather turned cold and it would not start. He parked it next to a corn crib, outside, and left it until I arrived. Weeks passed and with each passing week, the price dropped by a thousand dollars until it was irreistable. I just could not pass it up for $3,000 and had it hauled home. This was in the early 80's. It was a 1967 model. Underneath that beautiful exterior was mostly rust. All those steel reinforcements were about gone. Needless to say, I was not going to keep the car, and sold it to a high-end foreign car dealer who claimed he had a ready buyer. He more than doubled my investment upon buying my prize.
The undersides of the Bristol look so similar, what with the hand-built panels; not anything like the mass produced cars. Two more Astons; a DB5 and still another 6, and I had had my fill. I now fully understand what a restoration must cost if one is not handy and has to hire the work out. I still want one! A Bristol, that is.
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