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Default 603 Restoration begins

For anybody that interested the beast arrived and has now been stripped of all external fittings , glass, window frames, interior, exhaust sytem, rads ,AC etc.
My whole Easter with my brothers help was spend doing this. Thank god for a proper hoist so we could do a full underside inspection and take lots of photos.
Well of course we had to cut the exhaust off as the joint to the manifold was blowing and the nuts were just imovable. we will have to take the heads off to get the manifold removed. I am sure we will find its been blowing for ages and no doubt erroded the head and manifold.
Found a fair bit of corrosion and bodged repairs as to be expected but equally no real horrors. A bit of stripping, fabrication and welding will sort this all out.

The Bad Bits
Front subframe near side, rear boot frame extension on off side, both cills, B post on off side and both bottom steel blades to take window seal are corroded.
Rear torsion bar rubber bushes , in fact most rubber suspension bushes look very poor and will need replacing.
Will need a new exhaust and manifolds.
Head lining is shot
Needs new front shocks and probably springs.
radiator is shot.
AC system is all off and I suspect will require a full replacement.
Not too much rechroming required, Front and rear window inserts and B post covers are essential the rest is pretty good.

The Good Bits
Front seats have been beautifully re-upholstered.
Rest of the leather is just very dry and need lots of hide food and re connollising.
Carpets are all there and OK for now.
Newish rear shocks have been fitted but no idea what they are and that they are not adjustable.
Looks like the brake callipers are fairly recent along with lots of new copper brake piping and flexi pipes.
Front and rear bumpers are almost new.
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