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Default 406 brake upgrade

There is no need to improve the braking on a 406. The Dunlop set up is
superb and out brakes many a modern car.
My 407 somewhat surprises the MOT tester every year.
The brakes are the same as an E type and many of its contemporys.
They were only stopped from making them, as the designers had left their
previous employment and set up
with Dunlop to make an improved version. Dunlop were taken to court and
ended production after losing the case.

Past Parts of Bury St Edmunds are experts on the brakes and have everything
in stock for you, they re-sleeve the brake cylinders
with stainless steel.
I have tried different pads and put in "Green Stuff Pads" but a couple of
laps of Le Man glazed them up and produced an
awful squeal. I have gone back to the old style (with out asbestos) and we
are now back to normal.

Past Parts are to be found on 01284 750729
Fax 01284 756240

Unit 4 Chase Road,
Northern way Industrial Estate
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 6NT

If it aint broke dont fix it, restore it!

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