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Default Chassis number range 411 to 411/5

According to the only list of chassis numbers published by BOC

411 went from 7500 to 7552 may be? the last 5 in doubt but only 36 cars recorded.

411 S2 went from 7551 (hence confusion) to 7573 then six figure numbers from 757408 to 760395, then seven figure number 7605101 to 7610116 with many numbers left out, numbers seem to jump all over the place.

411 S3 went from 7613125 to7680326 with 6 cars after that know but chassis numbers begin with 7680xxx

411 S4 start at 7682332 and end at 7747xxx the car before that is 7746524.

411 S5 start at7748530 and end at 7791659 but a further 4 cars listed as S5 with 77xxxxx

I can PDF the pages over to you Howard if you wish,

These are very out of date as they were last revised by the club in October 1994 best estimate of total number built 287 0f which 226 listed 78.74%

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