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Hello Geoff.

The car is still positive earth. The same unit will do either simply by swapping over the red and black leads.

The car was indeed still on the original Lucas distributor with worn weight bearings and tired springs. It seemed a good plan to get rid of mechanical variations. Also I like being able to add vacuum advance.

As to the advance curve - I only fitted the unit yesterday so haven't got that far yet. I have a hand drawn graph for a 100A distributor that came with an instruction manual I bought years ago. Unfortunately I can't find it at the moment so if anyone can help me with a starter for 10 I will be much obliged.

The plan is to get the car on the rolling road as soon as practical. The iphone Bluetooth app has ability to make live incremental adjustment + / - 10 degrees which can be noted down and used to edit the curve.
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