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I have for sale a car that escaped Claude's research as it had left the US by that time, a 401 sent new in LHD layout to Craven & Hedrick in New York, it is now RHD converted many years later and with all the parts to convert it back to LHD including the choice of a good second hand LHD steering rack or a factory reconditioned unit complete with tie rods and ball joints, the chassis was structurally rebuilt years ago as were the brakes but due to the time stood at the very least all the seals will need renewing.
Comes with its original gearbox and a correct spec 85c engine needing a rebuild. As an alternative I acquired some years ago an earlier 85 engine partially rebuilt on to which I intended to fit this cars original cylinder head currently being overhauled by a local engineer.
There are vey few original built LHD 401's left so it deserves to be rebuilt, It would be nice to see this car go back to America but the European market is closer so I am open to offers .

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