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Regarding heads etc, I think there is a good chance that you already have a slightly hotter cam than standard as I think the parts for the rebuild would have come from the American Car Care Centre who were offering a mildly improved profile as standard at the time. Check cam bearings in the block and make sure the heads have suitable inserts for unleaded along with the right valves.

The heads themselves were pretty good. The breathing was let down by the inlet and exhaust manifolds. The single best improvement for my money would be a Weiand 7503 intake if you can find one. The original cast iron inlet forces the fuel / air mix to make a very tight turn immediately after it leaves the carb. The Weiand is about an inch taller and sweeps round. With the Edelbrock replacing the Carter carb the combined height is very similar to original.

I don't know what is currently available by way of exhaust manifolds but I thought I heard that SLJ had found someone to make an improved version although there is very little room for this without modifying the chassis rails. That was a bit of an extreme option for me.
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