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Colin from Hull 23-07-20 10:09 AM

Viewing a Bristol 401..Need Advice
I'm going to view a 401 project, the shell has been dismantled, so maybe lots of boxes to look through. I have been told cylinder head is missing, and the two front windscreens.
What I need is advice on making sure if certain parts are there, which parts are hard to find etc.
Is there a parts book online which could download?
Any advice regarding this would appreciated.....

dave dale 23-07-20 07:56 PM

401 info
Hi Colin,

If nobody comes up with a better suggestion, you might like to look at the info on the BOC website. You can see:
Instruction manuals
Spares handbooks
Workshop manuals
Bulletin technical articles archive
General articles archive

Log in > Members area > Members resources > Technical information

Good luck. Dave

Colin from Hull 24-07-20 12:59 PM

Hi Dave
Thanks for that info, I will have a look now......
I need to be a member, this was something I was going to address if I found the right car.

Kevin H 24-07-20 01:28 PM

Hi Colin,
While parts lists may alert you to what is missing, unfortunately they won't tell you what parts are not readily available. There are others members of this forum who will know.

Just be aware that some Bristol parts can be very expensive to purchase second-hand!


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