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Beemep 28-04-15 05:05 PM

Wanted: shabby 410!
Hello all,

I've been seduced by the idiosyncrasies of Bristol Cars and am now seriously considering a V8. Ideally a 410, although an early 411 appeals almost as much, needs to be pre-73 though. I've got previous with classic cars, and nothing really frightens me except interior trim. Condition is not really important, and I would consider a project, but not a total basket case. My preference would be for an honest car from a private seller, that I could use and improve. No concourse winners please; I want to enjoy it for family trips and commuting in fair weather. Any help, or leads to uniting me with such a conveyance would be gratefully received.

As a secondary request, I notice there are two main UK Bristol clubs - are there distinct differences in ethos between them please? If so what are they and which would you recommend?

Many thanks, Roger.

Kevin H 28-04-15 09:37 PM

Welcome Roger,
I suspect your comment that you were "seduced by the idiosyncrasies of Bristol Cars" will strike a chord with many owners.

Can I ask why you particularly want a pre 1973 car? Are you wanting to avoid the 400cid engine?


Claude 28-04-15 09:48 PM

1970 411
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1970 411/7527 MCP 560H (w. UK V5 and all documentation) substantial, but incomplete restoration including all body corrosion replaced with aluminium, custom leather interior, headliner, wood, carpet, engine rebuilt, etc. Has been sitting in garage for 15 years optimistically intended to finish and get on the road. Send PM for details and price.

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Bobbyweaf 28-04-15 10:45 PM

To answer you questions about the clubs. The real difference is that BODA in the new club that retains the original ethos of the BOC in that the important thing is that cars are kept on the roads.

The BOC publications are certainly much better than BODA and the BOC is a much older club. I think it fair to say that the BOC seem to feel that "dabbling" in spares is somehow competing with the Bristol Car Company whilst BODA are researching and sourcing spares and indeed have helped the Car Company in this respect. The BOC is a more active club than BODA, as the latter seems to have lost its way a little.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. However, joining both will give you the best of both worlds.

Bob W

Beemep 29-04-15 06:37 AM

Kevin, thanks for the welcome.

The reason for pre-73 is twofold, firstly, UK legislation says that black and white number plates can only be worn by vehicles registered prior to 1st Jan 1973, and secondly, a place in the Goodwood Revival pre-73 car park will definitely be the highlight of my Bristol's year.


Philip 02-05-15 10:20 AM

Wouldn't worry too much about the Revival car park - plenty of "imposters" seem to sneak in.

geo 03-05-15 06:52 PM

Beemep says:


UK legislation says that black and white number plates can only be worn by vehicles registered prior to 1st Jan 1973
The regs. might have changed, but it used to be manufactured before 1973.

What happened to that 412 in Glasgow that was for sale on eBay?


Beemep 04-05-15 04:24 PM

Yes Geo, quite correct, according to DVLA, "Vehicles made before 1 January 1973 may display traditional ’black and white’ number plates (for example, white, silver or grey characters on a black plate)", so I guess if you had some sort of build record rather than the reg doc you would be within your rights to run them.

Not sure about the 412 - love the early cars so 411 is the cut off for me.

Cheers, Roger

Further info on the number plates here:

Beemep 19-05-15 05:18 PM

Wish granted - many thanks!
Many thanks to all who have replied - I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of a delightfully shabby 410!

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