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Benjy 14-02-11 01:01 AM

For sale 411 parts
One brand new windscreen rubber seal and one used but perfect condition, factory original spec roll bar. Make offers!

408Berlin 14-02-11 08:20 AM

Windscreen rubber
I am interested in the windscreen rubber - have a 408 - do you think the rubber from the 411 will fit?
Thanks Hans

Sam410 14-02-11 09:55 AM

I don't know about the rubber for sure, but the 411 screen itself is certainly different. 408-10 I think use the same screen (both fronts and rears), but the 411's front and rear screens are more steeply raked than the earlier cars.

The Fitter 25-03-11 08:38 PM

Hi the windscreen rubbers and rubber inserts are the same on 408/410/411 but they do very in lenght slightly.

SteveT962 28-03-11 08:20 PM

Can anybody tell me where I can obtain a pair of exhaust manifolds for a 411 S3?


GREG 28-03-11 09:35 PM

Often on ebay -- I may have some or Martin at ACCS

GREG 28-03-11 09:38 PM

exhaust manifold set Chrysler 383 413 440 on eBay (end time 31-Mar-11 15:59:09 BST)

Can't remember if these are the ones ?

If they are, let a Bristol Specialist know so they can buy them and sell them to you for 500 each :-)

SteveT962 29-03-11 07:40 AM

Thanks Greg-not the ones but will keep looking. Ones fitted on my car are 3 branch with the centre branch combined. Casting number 2205536.

GREG 29-03-11 09:26 AM

62 63 64 65 66 MOPAR EXHAUST MANIFOLDS 383 413 426 440 on eBay (end time 24-Apr-11 23:35:59 BST)

These then ! what has happened to yours ?

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