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weldoneinc 11-02-15 07:41 PM

Bristol Ace restoration help
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Hello , My name is James and i am in Richmond Va. Usa . I weld and restore cars of all types and i am currently working on a a 1961 Ace . I found this forum and was looking for some help with my project . This car was raced for years then someone tried to make a cobra out of it so it has been cut up pretty bad . I have done most of the metal restoration but it was missing the gas tank and i cannot find one or a good picture of one or measurements . Here are some pictures . the car is mostly fixed now it just needs to be painted . you can see the trunk was cut up to put a fuel cell in it but i have fixed all of that . I am stuck now on the gas tank . no one sells them that i know of in the USA or has a drawing so i could make one .
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Thanks for any help James

californiabristol 12-02-15 12:58 AM

AC Ace fuel tank pictures

has images of the tanks they make. No drawings or dimensions, though.
The images might help if you cannot find blueprints or another car to measure.


peter dowdle 12-02-15 02:48 AM

ace fuel tank
the fuel tank shown in the photo has nothing to do with an ac ace

the ace tank is held low down under the boot , held in by 2 fabricated straps.

the fuel filler comes out on one side not the middle

I had a tank made in Australia , an exact copy of the original which I still have somewhere

you really need to get a look at an original tank and straps to see how it is done

californiabristol 12-02-15 04:03 AM

repro ACE tank?
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scrolling down is this image which looks more like the tank you describe.

peter dowdle 12-02-15 08:39 AM

ace fuel tank
the shape looks better but I think from memory the filler neck is wrong

Hillman 12-02-15 09:12 AM

AC Ace Fuel tank
You would probably be better asking the question on AC Owners Club
The USA was one of the Ace's biggest markets and there are many members there who could direct you to a tank supplier or provide you with the information you need.

weldoneinc 12-02-15 04:53 PM

Thanks for the help , The tank in the middle of that websight with the filler out of the side is the one for this car . Looks too nice , i do need to find an original to copy

weldoneinc 12-02-15 04:56 PM

Thanks for the help , The tank in the middle of that websight with the filler out of the side is the one for this car . Looks too nice though , i do need to find an original to copy.
Thanks James

grumblesparsons 12-02-15 07:12 PM

The one on Wiltshire's site labeled Ace tank is correct shape etc. The originals are made of steel and soldered so they can be disassembled and cleaned/repaired as necessary. I have a spare original in my loft which I could measure for you, and send you a couple of pix I have taken but don't know how (as a mere Ace owner, leaving Bristols to my son) to post on here. Through the hole in your boot floor you can see the ends of the chassis tubes; from here two girders are bolted and extend outwards towards the rear corners of the car, and carry the tank on top of them. The ACOC commissioned last year some new, unique, filler caps; they were I think only made to order, but there are probably some secondhand ones around if you're missing that

peter dowdle 13-02-15 10:25 AM

ace fuel tank
sorry I missed the second photo Yes it looks spot on

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