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will7262 30-11-11 04:24 PM

603 restoration
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Just thought I might update you a little on the progress.
Huge amount of body/chassis repairs, new headlining in West of England cloth, uprated engine rebuild in progress etc.

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Ronald G. Stephenson 30-11-11 04:55 PM

the Bristol restoration
Looks to be a top-notch restoration going one here. Those unfamiliar with the task cannot begin to fathom the time and expense involved, especially on a non-production, custom built car like the Bristol. I am sure it is going to turn out beautifully, and you will have a car you can be proud of for years to come. All the best on your project. I wish I had the opportunity to do the same, as I have sought a Bristol over here for years with no success to date.

will7262 30-11-11 05:57 PM

603 Restoration
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Ronald thanks for the encouragement.
A few more snaps showing just what was involved. The whole underside has been rebuilt to this standard. Fantastic panel beaters and fabricators in steel and ali.
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Ronald G. Stephenson 30-11-11 06:22 PM

Restoration of the Bristol
Great job, and I can so painfully relate to what you are going through. I had an Aston Martin DB5, and the body panels were in great shape, being aluminum, but the steel understructure was completely rusted through. I do not know what held the car together as it sat on the frame. The cost involved to make the car right was out of the question. I quickly sold it to another enthusiast and wished him well. I have not looked back with any regrets. Restoration is always best left to those who have the knowledge and skills to do the work. Another instance was the 1967 E-type that needed a lot of sheet metal replacement. Again, thousands spent and disappointing results. It also left the building. I admire those who can endure the process.

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