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mrbennetts 26-10-20 04:43 PM

Results of the Bristol Company Auction.....
I see that the BOHT has aquired the archives. What an achievement. Well done and thank you to all those concerned.

AlanD 14-11-20 05:31 AM

What did the prototype Fighter and the Brigand sell for?



AlanD 29-12-20 05:42 AM




geo 04-01-21 04:28 PM

BoS Forum
Does anyone know where one can view the results of this auction or who the auctioneers were?


Maggan 04-01-21 05:24 PM

Bristol Fighter prototype
It seems the Bristol Fighter prototype is now for sale.

It appears to be the same person who is claiming to be producing 411s and Fighters with either electric or Chrysler 6.2 L engines – see the thread titled “Continuation Cars”

The advert claims that the buyer has to assemble most of it themselves and it will then be inspected at the Bristol Cars workshop. What Bristol Cars workshop ? If it’s Spencer Lane Jones why not say that ?

Anyway here’s the advert ….

Philip 04-01-21 08:47 PM

Given the trademarks goings on, the “Atelier” will likely be their own “workshop”.

AlanD 07-01-21 03:33 AM

Here is an interesting video made by one of the so called Urban Explorer folks, showing what looks like a few unfinished Fighters. Presumably this is prior to the auction?

There are a few of these videos on the Web, another one shows a V10 engine on a stand.


Alan David

AlanD 09-01-21 11:57 PM

Forgot the link!



Maggan 10-01-21 01:24 PM

I believe the unfinished vehicles are Bristol Bullets, which was based on the Morgan Aero 8, though there are more Fighters about than first thought. More information is on the SLJ Hacket website

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