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Kevin H 18-03-14 10:28 PM

** Delay processing initial post in a new thread **
I have noticed a significant delay when the forum is processing the initial post in a new thread.

It can be a 20-30 second delay before the process completes, which I know is a long time in web site terms and it shouldn't be happening.

This ONLY happens when a new thread is being created - posts into existing threads are processed almost instantaneously.

I need to look into this (or more likely pay someone more knowledgeable to look into it for me).

In the meantime, please be patient when posting a new thread :)

Blankczechbook 20-08-14 07:47 AM

as a new user my first post was delayed as expected, but my second post ( a reply with a jpg upload ) seems to have been delayed also.. or has gone AWOL.
it was made from another pc.

my third post - a wanted post seems to have been instantaneous. ( and now this is my fourth and also working fine! )

Just for your info. - hope it might help to know, especially if you are having bugs occasionally.


Kevin H 20-08-14 09:57 AM

Thanks Blankczechbook.

The delay in your posts showing up and the delay when starting a new thread are un-related.

The delays you experienced were simply down to me not seeing that there were moderated posts awaiting my approval.

I do moderate the first one or two post for all new users to weed out spammers, however I am in a different time zone to many of the users (GMT+10), and also I work, so sometimes I don't deal with moderated posts as quickly as I would like to.

Blankczechbook 20-08-14 10:35 AM

no problem at all for me, just a bit wierd that a new thread post was instant, where a reply was delayed. I'll not worry again though.

Anyway, am very happy for any help with this car - your site has been very useful already - so a big thank you from me!

I am used to doing some homework for friends here in czech with old cars, but Bristols seem to be even more fun to find bits :-D

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