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Sterly 30-05-22 04:28 PM

408 rear seat fixing
I am trying to work out how the back of the rear seat on a 408 should be fixed. The bottom of the seat back I think sits behind a lip but the upper part was glued in place and the glue has made a right mess of the bottom part of the rear pillar lining. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

dwomby 30-05-22 06:31 PM


IIRC, the backrest is screwed to the metal at the bottom after the top is hooked on. The top has two tongues protruding that drop into slots in the metal at the top of the steel bulkhead between the seat back and the fuel tank.


Sterly 31-05-22 03:29 PM

OK, thanks David. I'll check it out when I'm with the car tomorrow, but I'm sure some of what you described is missing!


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