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AndrewA 10-06-21 07:52 AM

Water Pump
Pottering around locally, temperature headed northwards and 3 litres of coolant vanished!
After investigating all usual suspects there's a steady stream of small air bubbles in expansion tank so I suspect head gasket. While it's a pain am trying to be philosophical ! Itís done next to no miles in 5 years and then 3000 shall we say spirited miles in 4 months so chances are something was always going to give.
Anyway - it's the Poly 318 engine and my question is this. Is the water pump interchangeable between all 318's? Usual confusion on the web and parts suppliers. Some say yes one fits all, some say yes but it's a pre 1970 type water pump I need. Can someone put me straight please?

Kevin H 10-06-21 09:08 AM

I don't have a definitive answer for you, but this web page might help. Although the list at the beginning doesn't list the water pump, if you scroll down there is some discussion about the water pump, but it's not clear what it means!


AndrewA 10-06-21 09:53 AM

Thanks for that Kevin.
I'd found that one as well!
And things have moved on since I posted my cry for help.
Have asked the Bristol Parts gent over here to see if he has one in stock and he's checking - failing that I've found an outfit that will rebuild/refurbish what I've got if necessary - SP Water Pumps - Car engine water pumps for all makes and models
So I'm hopefully sorted but would still like to know the definitive answer!
Having entered a variety of car runs all over the country am keen to get the thing back on the road asap!

Kevin H 10-06-21 01:01 PM

What about these


AndrewA 10-06-21 01:09 PM

Thank you - but am embarrassed I couldn't find it myself - particularly as I'd been on the site earlier! What a dunce!
Appreciate the help.

DODD 10-06-21 02:55 PM

Have you tried American Auto Parts ( ) they are based in Redhill UK.
I have found them very helpful in the past.

AndrewA 10-06-21 05:22 PM

No I haven't, so thank you for that - will give them a shout and see if they can help.

AndrewA 21-06-21 03:48 PM

Thanks for all the help and suggestions on this one - I've got myself sorted now - many thanks.

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