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AndrewA 24-11-20 05:33 PM

Bushes 410
Having a thorough look at front end of car today with the chap I use to help maintain it. The only things of note are that none of the bushes are in their first flush of youth and he suggested I think about replacing them in due course.
In particular the anti roll bar D bushes and the bushes that go on ARB drop link and the top and bottom inner bushes.
My question is - are these commonly available/shared with other cars - if so which? Also, has anyone used polybushes or similar instead?

Claude 24-11-20 08:11 PM

I have two full sets
2 Attachment(s)
When I owned a 409 and a 411S1 I purchased a full set of front end components new from Bristol Cars since I read that it transforms the handling of the car.

However, I never got around to installing them, and as they were all in one bag did not bother to work out which fit which car. Subsequently I sold both cars and gave them no thought until reading your post... now that Bristol is no longer, I expect sourcing these would be more difficult

I would need to pull them out of storage and price them, but I would consider selling them. Postage from New Zealand.

Here are photos of the parts and the inventory sent to me by Brian Marelli.

Attachment 1368

Attachment 1369

AndrewA 24-11-20 09:33 PM

Have sent you a message!

Kevin H 29-11-20 12:47 PM

If you are going to dismantle the front suspension then you may find that the spacers and insulators above and below the coil springs also need replacing.

You can see the parts I am talking about in a post in this thread


AndrewA 30-11-20 08:38 PM

Thanks for that - appreciated. Replacing the bushes on the other bits looks reasonably straightforward just hard work ...or am I missing something? I won't be doing it myself but I'm trying to gauge if this is something to entrust to competent local man or best left to those who are more familiar with these cars...

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