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dracchir 02-10-14 02:38 PM

Brake Fluid Float on 408
I need to renew the brake fluid warning float on a 408. Has anyone found an alternative more modern solution? I did find a plastic float and cap on a kit car website but I'm not sure it will fit the Bristol or whether it could be adapted. Thanks

GREG 02-10-14 07:04 PM

Wine bottle cork ! Or a bit of cork from fishing / chandlery shop cut to size ..

Nick Challacombe 02-10-14 07:30 PM

Brake fluid float
Any good cork, the better the wine the worse the cork for a float, find a cheap white wine with a cork, drink wine, cut cork to fit, watch fingers. If sober all will work as designed by the wine testing dept of the brake testing dept of Bristol.
Hic, hic, peg leg.

dracchir 05-10-14 09:47 PM

Cheap plastic cork
Thanks for replies! I did try a champagne cork cut to size as I have lots of these, but I found it soaks up fluid (just like the one I found in situ) and eventually fails to float. After reading your replies I shall try one of the nasty modern plastic corks used on some cheap wines, though they are not really wide enough.

GREG 06-10-14 11:19 AM

Cover the cork in brake fluid resistant RTV silicone or paint so it doesn't absorb the fluid -- I think they may have used shellac originally

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