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ivs 28-08-11 09:32 PM

Enots flex hoses?
Does someone know who sells/ can make new flexible hoses for the enots system? They have whitworth threads and I cannot have them made in the USA easily.

mikesay 29-08-11 09:00 AM

enots hoses
I obtained my flex hoses, albeit some time ago, from Brian Marelli at BCL London adds.
Mike Say

Nigel Plant 29-08-11 10:07 AM

Try Flexolite : Flexolite suppliers of fluid systems for classic cars and low volume specialist vehicles, they can manufacture most types of hose and pipes, but might need you old pipe fittings, they made all the flexible hoses for my Talbot Lago T26

Bristolian 31-08-11 05:39 AM

Brian Marelli no longer covers spares under the new owners, F-N, so you need to contact Michael Stokes at Filton. who is now the Spares Co-ordinator for the company. If he cannot help you, then you could contact Derek at Stevson Motors in Birmingham, West Midlands on Tel. No. 0121 472 1702. They very recently made me some flexible pipework and I ordered a stainless steel outer braid instead of the original galvanised steel braid. Like Nigel Plant has stated, you will almost certainly need the ends for them to re-swage into the new flexible portion and to give them the required length. Hope this is of help. Best of luck. John Lawley, Spares & Technical Support Officer, Bristol Owners & Drivers Association Ltd.

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