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ivs 09-01-11 04:10 PM

Bristol 404, shock absorbers?
What is available on the market? Are those same for Arnolts?
Thanks for any info

Bobbyweaf 09-01-11 05:37 PM

We at the Bristol Owners & Drivers Association (BODA) are currently investigating Shock absorbers. Both the Koni and Spax numbers we have are apparently no longer made but we are trying to get modern equivelants.

We have approached Spax with all the details we have. Koni are more difficult as they never seen to reply. Nevertheless, we don't give up easily!!! Monroe are also a target for information.

The information we have is that Girling and Armstrongs were once (at some time) fitted to Arnolts, so it would appear they were different than the 404's.

Bob W

GREG 09-01-11 08:52 PM

I had adjustable GAZ shocks on my 408 and they were excellent. I bought them from ACCS.

Maybe GAZ are worth contacting for other models

t: +44 (0)1268 724585
f: +44 (0)1268 724536

Gaz Shocks Ltd
Rayridge House
Swinborne Road
Burnt Mills Industrial Estate
SS13 1EH

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