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Barrie 20-10-20 11:31 AM

Identifying a special
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I came across this on the internet.
Can anyone help me identify it?

Philip 20-10-20 01:56 PM

Itís 401 chassis 1023, rebodied after a crash by David Creed of London.

Barrie 20-10-20 10:26 PM

Thanks for that. I'm trying but currently unsuccessfully to find out more info/pictures of the rest of the car/interior etc if anyone can help.
Was David Creed as coachbuilder or the owner who commissioned the work?

peterg 20-10-20 10:59 PM

Strange beast. Could have been bodied by Abbots? The registration dates to 1951 but could easily be a personal number.

Philip 21-10-20 12:21 AM

It was rebodied by ďtuning expertĒ David Creed of Shepherdís Bush - gets a mention in the Palmer and Balfour books. Itís a pretty unappealing looking thing - believe it ended up with Brian May.

Claude 21-10-20 04:11 AM
Vehicle Details EVG500
Vehicle make BRISTOL
Date of first registration January 1952
Year of manufacture 1952
Cylinder capacity 1971 cc
Fuel type PETROL
Export marker No
Vehicle status Not taxed for on road use
Vehicle colour MAROON
Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 12 September 1984

Barrie 22-10-20 12:07 PM

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Iíve been sent these pictures but Iím still interested in more and for information on David Creed to see if he was the coach builder and what else he produced.

Barrie 26-10-20 06:55 PM

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It appears that the car was lately seen in Brian Mayís store.
Itís the second car from the right and looks as itís being broken for spares.

Always sad to see a Bristol in this condition especially so when it was a brave one-off attempt.
Iím still looking for further information.

Geoff Kingston 27-10-20 05:14 PM

It was a resting work in progress at the time this photo was taken, I saw it some years later and Brian was continuing with the restoration though I don't know if he completed it before he died.It is shown in this short film if the link works.

Barrie 27-10-20 06:38 PM

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Thank you Geoff, another piece of the jigsaw. I may have been a bit hasty in hinting it was lost - I hope so.
I think I saw it briefly at 1min 15sec on your YouTube contribution.

Iím fascinated by these individually commissioned cars like the Gooda Bentley, the Imhof Allard and of course the Teardrop Bristol.
Here are pictures of the first two

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