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jeff02740 13-10-18 06:20 PM

WTB Steering Wheel
Wanted, steering wheel for a 400 series car.

Geoff Dowdle 13-10-18 10:43 PM


Type 400 steering wheels are available from

or if you prefer a wood rimmed wheel

the spec you require is 16 inch , polished and Non-countersunk

New Boss

Which 400 do you own?
Could you please advise the chassis number .

BOC Joint 400 Registrar

Geoff Dowdle 15-10-18 08:15 AM

looking at the forum again I suspect you need a steering wheel for the 408 .
I dont know of any being reproduced .
You will probably have to restore yours .

jeff02740 15-10-18 07:03 PM

408 Steering Wheel
I see from the reply that Moto-Lita makes a Pinch Bolt Boss for an Aston Martin Db4/5/6. Will this boss fit the Bristol 408?


jeff02740 16-10-18 01:59 PM

408 Steering Wheel
Just got a response from Moto-Lita. They say that the Aston Martin pinch bolt boss will not fit the Bristol 408???
Wondering if anyone has other information on this.


Kevin H 16-10-18 02:23 PM

Why did you think it would fit?


jeff02740 16-10-18 03:26 PM

408 Steering Wheel Boss
If you look at a previous reply, Geoff posted a link to Moto-Lita. This link took me to Moto-Lita Aston Martin pinch bolt boss. I therefore assumed that Aston Martin and Bristol may have used the same steering column.


Geoff Dowdle 16-10-18 08:50 PM

I have never owned a 408 but believe the rear end of the splined steering shaft of Bristol 401 - 410 all have the same diameter and number of splines.
The steering wheels externally all look the same.

From 411 onwards they use a tapered shaft end with fixing nut and a completely different steering wheel.

You are best to measure the diameter and number of splines of your 408 shaft and ask Moto Lita for the specification of their Aston Martin splined hub .
I'm pretty sure they will be the same . This spline size is also used by Austin Healey , most Jaguar in the 50's , 50's AC's and probably quite a few other marques.

The Bristol 400 to at least 405 have the same splines as I have interchanged wheels on those models .

I still think you should restore the original steering wheel if it is structually good enough.


jeff02740 17-10-18 11:58 AM

Thank you so much for the info. I was not sure of the cross references to the spline size with other cars.


jeff02740 21-10-18 12:15 AM

Just want to confirm what you posted. I just received an adjustable steering wheel hub for an Austin Healey 3000 from Moss Motors. The shaft size and number of teeth are identical to the Bristol and fits perfectly. This confirms that the Moto-Lita B7 will work on Bristol 400 series cars. Personally, I am going to use the Healey 3000 hub which has a pinch collar that allows for adjustment rather than pinch bolts as used on the B7. I will then fabricate my own wheel to fit the Healey Boss.
Thanks for steering me in the right direction, no pun intended.

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