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Avon calling

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Old 25-06-10, 06:55 AM
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Default Avon calling

Does anyone have any ( five ) Avon wheels for sale with the centre badges ?

What is the cost ?

Do you need special nuts ?


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Old 26-06-10, 02:54 AM
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I moved your thread into the Bristol section of the site as it may get more attention there.

I bought secondhand five wheels from Brian Marelli at Bristol Cars Services(in 2000) for 100 quid each plus 20 secondhand wheel nuts at 5 quid each.

The wheel nuts are different from those used on the steel wheels.

The wheels were in well used condition and the wheel nuts were in a very poor state with virtually all chrome gone, which is inevitable really.

I had the wheels restored, there are some 'before and after' photos in this thread which also explains how to get the tyres on and off (don't expect the average tyre fitter to know this).

Bear in mind also, that you can't tell whether the safety bands are fitted on the wheels when the tyres are on. I found two on mine were missing, which Brian duly replaced, but another owner probably wouldn't have spare safety bands sitting on a shelf

I had the nuts restored also and hard nickel plated and polished.

You can use the later Blenheim wheel nuts which are stainless steel, but in 2000 they were 20 quid each!

I actually looked into getting them made but could not get enough interest/commitment from other Bristol owners to make it financially viable. Bristol themselves were interested but they wanted to see a sample, and so much of the cost was in the tooling, so that didn't go anywhere.

With hindsight I wish I had bought a set of Blenheim wheels as Brian suggested at the time. I think they look really good on the 411 S6. Not that the Avon wheels don't look good when they are restored.

There is of course always an element of risk in buying secondhand alloy wheels, in that they may be cracked.

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