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amazon69 23-12-18 11:21 AM

Steering column/parts

Does anyone have a steering column/shaft for a 406? I'm really after the section to the steering wheel. Looking at previous threads it seems that the spline count/diameter may well be the same from 401-410? I'm trying to keep the original steering wheel from my 406 but do not have any other steering parts (apart from the rack).

Condition does not matter.



Nick Challacombe 24-12-18 11:24 AM

407 steering column
David, I have replied to you by email but just in case 407 a steering column was obtained by me recently from Bristol Service, "Brian Marrelli" , it was new old stock but I rather think as the part number starts with 407 it must superseded the 406 one which could go back to the 404/5/6 with a part number starting with one of those types. The 407 part number is 407-1-25060.
I hope this helps.

amazon69 24-12-18 11:47 AM

Thanks Nick, that is helpful. I am trying to avoid a new part as I too will be chopping it up, but I appreciate the reply and part number.



405dh 24-12-18 05:29 PM

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Hi Dave,

Not sure if its a part you need but I have a column shroud, with steering wheel attached, through which the column passes and engages with the splines.
It still has the felt "bearing" inside.

Seasons Greetings,

amazon69 25-12-18 11:11 AM

Thanks Chris.

You have pictured pretty much what I have. It's the shaft I'm really after.

I appreciate the reply.


405dh 25-12-18 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by amazon69 (Post 9594)
Thanks Chris.

You have pictured pretty much what I have. It's the shaft I'm really after.

I appreciate the reply.


If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend you try Brian May.

Geoff Kingston 05-01-19 08:31 PM

Thought I might have had one off a 401 or 405 that would fit but a quick check of the parts book throws up different numbers the, 401 being N717018 and the 405 being 405-1-250011. The 406 book has a part number 406-1-250007.
It appears the 400 was also different at N430561.
It seems that the same shaft was used on the 401 through to the 404 as the part number remained the same.
Spencer Lane Jones have just broken up a 406 less engine and box and with a bit of luck will have everything you need.

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