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WTB Arnolt Bristol (trade considered)

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Old 24-10-19, 12:18 PM
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Default WTB Arnolt Bristol (trade considered)

I have a client that would like to buy an Arnolt Bristol, original engine preferred, project, driver or better. He is located in the states. Would consider trade with a beautiful 1972 Ferrari Dino GT (US Specs)

Kelly Dietrick

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Old 25-10-19, 09:51 PM
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Interesting to do a Google search on Kelly. Seems be quite an active international broker

Seems to be located in both Austin TX and Pittsburg PA

Sounds legit, pretty high end cars, always welcome brokers who match barn finds with deep pocket restorers to keep more Bristols on the road. But as usual, always be sure to visit the car before transacting, and make sure it passes the sniff test.
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Old 26-10-19, 12:16 AM
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
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Thank you Claude. A little bit about me: I have been buying and selling for collectors for fifteen years. I deal in Steam to Sportscars and I work for myself. I have developed a database of over 3000 collector car enthusiasts over those years. The ability to work one on one with collectors not only builds a level of trust necessary in a business like this but also allows me the privilege of knowing what is in my client's collections. So if there is a specific car to be found for a client I generally know where to go to find it.

I am a docent at the Simeone Automotive Museum and count Dr. Fred Simeone as a friend and mentor. His knowledge of prewar cars is astounding and we never lack for conversation in our shared passions, prewar cars and automotive research. The museum is right near the Philadelphia International Airport and I would be more than happy to give any members of the forum a free tour should you ever be in our fair city.

And yes I used to live in Pittsburgh but moved a few years ago to be closer to the museum and clients. I believe Texas came up because I am currently representing a car for a client from Texas (who happens to own four Arnolt Bristols).

If anyone would like to be on my newsletter list shoot me an e-mail at Most of my cars are not advertised and I promise even if you are not a buyer you will find them interesting.
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