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Geoff Kingston 31-03-17 11:18 PM

Lazy dealers.
As an avid ad watcher it never ceases to amaze me how many dealers let their ads run on free advertising websites months or in some cases years after the vehicle has sold(range rover lse), on carandclassic at the moment there is a restoration project 401 which despite being acknowledged on eBay as being sold is still on offer and even more bizarre a certain investment firm is still advertising a 401 which not only has been through an auction sale but also appears to have undergone a colour change from an exotic sounding blue to Cambridge Gray and is also in the press being photographed in a feature on SLJ Hackett which had nothing to do with either sale.
People who inquire about cars for sale but don't follow through are often described as time wasters yet according to another feature I read recently 50's traders in London also over advertised cars they had sold or in some cases never had, it seams the practice has not died out so are the dealers simply too lazy to update their ads , boosting their sales profile or just time wasters.
Kevin an opportunity for you here to add a virtual reality sales and wants section to the site!?
In the real world however a few interesting and sensibly priced cars have appeared on carandclassic in the last few days, a long stored 401, a partially renovated 400 and a long term ownership 409.
P.S Another running renovation project 401 has just appeared on eBay and a very reasonably priced 403 on carandclassic.

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