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Colin7673 01-05-17 08:13 AM

Taking cars to the USA
Hello All.

I am a new member here and have been told that in the past, not to far past, the Bristol Owners Club, or members of, have taken there cars to the USA for a road trip.

I am hoping that, being in touch you all on the forum, that someone may be able to put me in contact with someone who went or even organised this trip.

I have emailed the club directly but as yet have not had a reply.

Could anyone help?

Many Thanks

Anne 04-06-17 12:09 AM

It would depend were you are shipping from and will you have road Insurance for the USA? It is also tricky to ship the car out again if that was not cleared well with paperwork before entering.
The USA has always been a difficult country to enter and more so with the new administration.


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