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peterg 24-02-17 03:28 PM

Bristols at the Ace Saturday 12 August
An early 'heads up' that there will be a Jensen and Bristol's Day at the Ace Cafe, Stonebridge Park, just off the North Circular Road on Saturday 12th August.

I think the onus is upon us to make sure that there are more Bristol's than 'other makes', so that it can become a Bristol's and Jensen's Day in future!

A good chance to show your car off at an iconic location before the Club Concours.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.


peterg 20-07-17 09:27 PM

Just a little reminder of the event on Saturday 12th August!

peterg 14-08-17 06:53 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Attached are a few photos from the day (or would have been if I wasn't missing 'a security token'?). There were about 14 Bristol cars in attendance and 12 on display at any one time. On the other side of the car park was another marque, but they didn't excite any interest from me so no photos! There are some on the Ace Cafe facebook site though.

Geoff Dowdle 15-08-17 12:39 AM

I can not find the photos , did you attach them ??

Kevin H 15-08-17 12:59 AM

Peter, please email the photos to me and I will upload them and see if I can replicate that error.


Kevin H 15-08-17 01:00 PM

The photos have been uploaded and added to Peterg's last post

peterg 17-08-17 11:58 AM

The event was successful enough for The Ace to want to continue this joint meeting. Next year's event is on Saturday 11th August.

peterg 10-08-18 06:03 PM

Yes, that is tomorrow at The Ace Cafe, Stonebridge Park (off the North Circular at the Park Royal exit).

Hoping to beat the number of Jensens this year!

geo 11-08-18 08:14 PM

Was this earlier today (Sat. 11th) or Sunday 12th? I ask this as the message has only just landed in my in-box!


peterg 17-08-18 10:07 PM

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It was Saturday 11th August. Here are some photos from the day

peterg 04-08-19 05:04 PM

Just a week to go! See you all on Saturday!

peterg 23-08-19 10:07 PM

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We could have been contenders. Then later in the day reinforcements arrived and we were out numbered! Still we made a decent display with about a dozen cars turning up across the day. It is just that a herd of Jensens turned up early afternoon!

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