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Geoff Kingston 01-12-15 01:31 PM

Bristol Cars Model by Model
Got my copy of the new book yesterday and I have to say apart from one or two minor proof reading errors it is very good, it is exactly what it says on the cover a guide to all the cars to date , well written, plenty of detail on each model and lots of good photographs, mostly up to date of current owners cars but with a good smattering of historic photographs as well.
An excellent reference book to those new to the make and a satisfying addition to an established Bristol library.

Kevin H 01-12-15 02:20 PM

Geoff, is there any new information in the book?

Geoff Kingston 01-12-15 05:03 PM

Kevin, not anything I can see in terms of information,there are some comments from owners but it is drawing quite heavily on previously published information and I suspect specifications issued by Bristol Cars when the cars were sold new, there are quite a few comments from published road tests etc .
For each car there is a section on design, engine , transmission , chassis, suspension and steering a summery and data table, what is new however are the photographs many for each model and the vast majority of which I have never seen published before.
It does not deal with the history of the company in any great detail but as a quick but detailed reference guide to the cars I think its a good companion to Christopher Balfour's excellent book on Bristol Cars.
With at least two or three pictures per page those alone extended the post delivery tea break well into mid morning and the writers style kept my interest until lunch forced a break.
There is a lot more information in this than some of the better price guides and on that point no reference to actual current values or points for buyers to watch out for.
It can also be obtained as can most books now for less than the published price, I got my copy from the Book Depository on Amazon.

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