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friend406 08-11-20 10:58 AM

Bristol fighter scale Rialto
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just put my Fighter scale model from Rialto in my collection of Bristol cars
The 406 zagato 2+2 and a special Bristol 400 cabrio will be finished the end
of this year. The 400 is a special made one off from a metal kit.

Nick Challacombe 08-11-20 11:46 AM

Bristol 407 model
Being the proud owner of a 407 for 21 years , I have been trying to persuade a firm to make a 407 model. I even sent a 406 model to mm cars who promised to make one using that as a part pattern. That was 15 years ago! When Landsdowne bought out their 406 I asked them and the reply was that they would get round to it. That was also a few years ago.
Have you any influence or a maker that could do one for me?
I have a few others, nothing like your fantastic collection. Any ideas would be welcome.
Thank you.

LukeHansen 08-11-20 12:11 PM

Scale models
Excellent display. Well done!

friend406 09-11-20 07:39 AM

Bristol 407
Hi Nick,
Is it not beter to rework an 406 from Lansdowne?
What I can see to modify is remove the blinkers on the roof, remove the chroom around front grille, paint a longer chroom strip on both sides of the car and repaint the car in your color.
Should be not to difficult to do or maybe by somebody who's doing modeling.

Richard 09-11-20 10:01 AM

Hi Erik,
What a fantastic display! Been debating with myself whether I can justify buying the Fighter model!
Best wishes

Bobbyweaf 12-11-20 06:55 PM

Hi Foks,
I have been an avid collector of Bristol Models for many years and I think I have every one ever made, including all three fighter colours plus made up kits and one 405 model that was a prototype that never went into production as the company went bust plus other one-off models.

It has been some time since I updated my website. The road to hell as they say is paved with good intentions and I will one day. If you go to first gear models (my fire engine website), you look at the Bristol option and this is the last time I updated it, about three years ago.

I have compiled an illustrated article on collecting Bristol scale models but as it is on another club's website, I can't say that here but somewhere I have a copy for people to upload if I can find it but I have just moved house after 37 years.

Nick Challacombe 20-11-20 01:07 PM

Bristol 407 model
406 friend.
I, as I said actually sent of a 406 to mm cars, the owner used to be a member of the BOC. He wanted to create a 407 using the 406 model I sent him.
After several emails all went quiet and he moved.
There is also the indent to fill in for the number plates, grind of the extra fins on the bonnet, somehow alter the seat and even then the roof line is different. The two Bristol coach works badges would have to be filed down, in the end it would not do justice to Landsdowne.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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