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Originally Posted by Geoff Dowdle View Post
a few things to consider

Is your new tank baffled ? If not it might push fuel up the breather on corners.

Yes it is, but there is a limit to the baffling effect with a full tank

Are the fuel sender unit and fuel reserve unit sealed correctly to the tank?

Try not filling the tank so full and see if you have the same issue .

I tend to fill it right up to get an accurate fuel consumption figure

If fuel is pushed up the breather it should enter the filler cap well and drain to the road. There should not be fuel vapour entering the cockpit unless the well is rusted or not sealed correctly. Is the drain pipe in good condition?

Yes but the underside by the filler tube is not as complete as I would like, so vapour can get into the boot and circulate into the cockpit.

When you fill the tank do you get fuel coming up the breather?

I get a squirt as I push the cap home. I'm wondering if I should install a cross link between the breather and filler. That would allow the one way valve to be used, but would raise the issue of pressure build up or would it bleed off into the carbs?

Some thoughts on the matter
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