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I can finally report that I have plenty of hot air finding its way into the cabin of the 411. I followed the instructions as set out in the excellent article mentioned earlier. The heater box was removed , pulled apart ,cleaned and painted, the heater core reconditioned and all seals replaced .After much twisting and discomfort it was refitted to the car.

To my horror still no hot air. I eventually discovered that a flap which is activated when the hot water tap turns on allows air from the fan to flow through the core. This flap was closing rather than opening blocking the air flow to the internals of the heater box. A simple adjustment and all works well.

The first control knob on the dash controls the temperature in the cabin. It has three functions as it is rotated it opens a flap which allows cold air to flow into the heater box. At the same time it opens a second flap allowing air to flow through to the cabin above the the passengers feet. Its third function is to turn the hot water tap on to allow the core to heat up.

The second knob marked DEMIST and DEFROST if turned half way allows cold air to flow to the windscreen without impacting on hot air to the cabin. If fully rotated it cuts off the cabin air and directs hot air to the windscreen. All very simple Ho Hum.
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