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Hello Kevin,
It is a must have book in my view, there is only one chapter that really focuses on the design principles used by Dudley Hobbs and that incorporates some wonderful design drawings of the 603 and details from the 411.
I must admit I was not sure myself what to expect all I can really say is that John has done the subject and his father proud.
Following the main section of text there is some fascinating reports and documents from the late 40's and 1950's which give an insight into the company that few of us will have seen before.

Chapter headings are-

1. Preliminaries (and a girl called Monica)
2. Blenheims, Beauforts, Beaufighters ( and a trip to Germany )
3. The 400
4. Aerodynes
5. That intake, Racing and Survival Techniques
6. Transverses, Buttocks and Waterlines
7. A New Line ( and a change of direction )
8. The Type 600

This takes up the first 100 pages of the book , the next 100 being devoted to fascinating historical information, a young designers view on the design of Bristol Cars, and a rather interesting observation by the publisher on the true nature of the 400.
All the cars up to the 600 are included and perhaps there is more to savour in the book for owners of the early cars and the 600, this as the book says is not a detailed history of the company and its products, its about the evolution of the cars and the important part that Dudley Hobbs played in that process.
Very much for me a book that completes the Bristol storey although I know that Michael Barton has at least one more Ace up his sleeve.

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