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Originally Posted by Geoff Dowdle View Post
Bela ,
The standard valve clearance for
400 - 403(A engine) is .002 inch cold Inlet & Exhaust
late 403(AB2 engine) - 406 is .005 inch cold " "

But very few engines now have standard factory cams . Most have either
been re ground to another specification or the cam replaced and the clearance of these could be different from original standard cam .

Do you know the valve timing of the engine .
Inlet opening & closing , Exhaust opening and closing to try to identify which cam is fitted.

Thanks Geoff

I only found a notice of a PO that a 403 camshaft had been fitted. As you mentioned there are two options - early and late. I guess less clearance will
end in troubles.

I don't know the valve timing and I don't know how to generate that data. In the files there is a drawing. I will look for it.
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