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Default Radiator Hoses

I have recently renewed my top and bottom hoses on my 408. The replacements were those used on the Falcon XD 4.8 litre V8.
I had to shorten the top hose at the engine end by about 15mm but otherwise the alignment was v good. The lower hose fitted rad. and pump stubs perfectly, the double curves were perfect but I did cut off about 10-15 mm at the water pump end in order to prevent contact between hose and car chassis at the mid point.
Hoses came from local supplier, either Repco or Cost Price(?) off the shelf.(forgotten which)
In fact manufactured by Mackay Automotive from Thailand.
Lower hose marked EDC826OA
92DA8260AA,EDC8260AMC - these may be Ford original oem's.
also marked 38EE9K 10 10:44 on the hose itself but indistinct.

Top hose also has marking on label CH1197, lower hose obscured under glue but what is visible is CH18...

Hope this helps,
Peter Hoskin
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