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I have had a Cair O Port for over 10 years now to store my 400 over winter. Have had no major issues. I found the frame a bit flimsy so added 4 suspension cords on to the frame and attached them to the roof rafters. The zips are all still working well. There are side panels accessed with zips.The front panel has two vertical zips and the horizontal bottom closes with a velcro strip. This can be a bit fiddly to seal but just takes a little time. Velcro tape is used otherwise a car would be driven over part of a zip. 3 ventilation computer fans are supplied which fit in the base of the rear panel. These fans come with a cloth filter which attaches on the outside however I found it necessary to remove these as the airflow pulls the filter into the fan and prematurely wears out the fan. It works fine without the cloth filters. The front rail has so far survived being driven over and doesn't seem to cause any problem. The rear driven wheels do move this bar however a small shallow wooden ramp secured each side of the rail would probably cure this if it proves a problem.

I have been really pleased with my Cair O Port, my car hasn't suffered at all in more than 10 years in a very damp part of UK. The only replacement I have made has been the fans.

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