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I have never owned a 408 but believe the rear end of the splined steering shaft of Bristol 401 - 410 all have the same diameter and number of splines.
The steering wheels externally all look the same.

From 411 onwards they use a tapered shaft end with fixing nut and a completely different steering wheel.

You are best to measure the diameter and number of splines of your 408 shaft and ask Moto Lita for the specification of their Aston Martin splined hub .
I'm pretty sure they will be the same . This spline size is also used by Austin Healey , most Jaguar in the 50's , 50's AC's and probably quite a few other marques.

The Bristol 400 to at least 405 have the same splines as I have interchanged wheels on those models .

I still think you should restore the original steering wheel if it is structually good enough.

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