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It did sell the second time round as it appeared in the Brightwells results for their sale of the 11th April at 7840 and appeared on ebay shortly afterwards (early May) without the engine and gearbox and with "no identity" as the chassis plate was said to be missing.
I had viewed the car before it went to the Brightwells sale at that time it was available without the 85 series engine and gearbox and had I owned a spare overdrive box would probably have bought it, at that time the bulkhead identity plate had been removed from the car and was with the paperwork, I don't know if this made it to Brightwells as the owner was quite ill and family members were dealing with the sale. By the time it got onto ebay it was being advertised for spares , I contacted the advertiser who said they were selling it for a customer but he had second thoughts about braking it and had decided to hang on to it for the time being.

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