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When initially advertised the converted 405 was available with the option of a correct Bristol engine and gearbox to return it to original specification, obviously at a price reflecting the value of those components but a viable proposition compared to the value of the more expensive car as the starting point appears to be a good on the road car which looks as though it would not require any other restoration or work.
Contrast that with the 405 project sold by Brightwells a few months ago, it needed a lot of work and although there was a Bristol engine and gearbox with it they were from an earlier car, an 85A block with 85C head and a non overdrive Bristol syncro box, it made under 8k, or about the value of the engine and gearbox to the buyer as the rest of the car, i.e. the rolling body shell was on eBay 2 weeks later for spares, a pity as it was basically sound.
It would have made a good basis for an engine conversion and if it still survives it is perhaps its only hope, it may have had a better fate if it had been offered without the wrong spec engine and gearbox.
In the BOC there are several cars now with different power units, the most recent I have seen is the 406 fitted with a Rover V8 engine and gearbox by Spencer Lane Jones, the owner a long standing owner of another standard 406 is very pleased with the outcome so yes a conversion may knock the value but you might end up with a better car in terms of performance than could be achieved with a Bristol engine without spending mega bucks on it.
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