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The ultimate would be an early 50's BMW V8 engine and box but now in the same price range as a Bristol engine and box but it would give you the sort of car AFN wanted and might be worth as much as a standard car if done properly.
Dropping expectations of value and price/cost of conversion Rover V8 engines and gearboxes went into several cars from the early 80's onwards but in my view the best option is the Triumph 2000/2500 engine and gearbox which goes in with as I understand it minimal chassis mods.
I missed a few days ago the opportunity to photograph such an installation in a friends car at the Dorset Steam Fair in this case a conversion on a 403 that suffered terminal engine failure.
The owner has a standard 403 , ran the car in question for many years in standard form and really praises the way the 403 drives and performs with the 2.5 Triumph unit. It looks neat though not as tall as the Bristol unit, the gearbox appears longer but seems to be accommodated in the engine bay, gear lever is well positioned and the car sound really nice.
This car is in regular use over most of the west country shows as support vehicle to the owners Vintage tractors, this speaks volumes about the suitability of the conversion and the way you should enjoy a Bristol, sadly lost on some of the trophy hunting brigade.

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