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I have never converted a Bristol engined car to another power but have coverted two back to Bristol power from other fitted engines and gearboxes.

I suggest you find a Bristol 85C engine and gearbox to bring the car back to standard . There will be no modifications necessary and although the cost will initially be higher , the value of a 401 with another period or modern engine will be well under that of one that is totally original .
Depending on your location it should not be too difficult to locate a 85C engine .
Various owners have fitted small V8 engines like Daimler SP250, or Rover 3500 which probably give good power but no doubt the gearbox cross member might have to be removed to fit the mating gearbox . The front of the torsion bars attach to that cross member and I suggest you need an engineer to advise you before thinking about cutting that cross member .
Other things to consider are new/modified tail shaft , firewall mods , gearbox tunnel and floor mods , speedo & tacho adaption/modification , exhaust system , possible electrical mods , larger radiator etc etc

Alfa 1750 /2000 with 5 speed box MIGHT fit .

A few Bristols have been converted to Jaguar XK power but there are major mods needed and I would hate to think what the handling would be like with all that cast iron up front.
Unless you are a competent home mechanic/restorer the cost of all the above will be greater than buying a Bristol engine .
And after doing all those mods what do you have ?? A modified 401 that might be worth half an original .
With good original 401's bring over GBP50 do your maths !!

Do you own a engineless 401 or are you considering buying one ?

Good Luck
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