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Thank you Chris,

I offer my sincere condolences to you. It's so sad to loose a member of the family or a friend.

Depending on the traffic yam and resulting lack of time we only visited two cars in GB.

Both didn't fullfill what I'd expected. The benchmark in this case is a car of a friend. It is a Mercedes W187 with M180 engine from 1951. The car has more weight (+220kg) and the engine has 6 cylinders too, has a newer design (OHC) but only 59 kW with 2,2 liters. The Mercedes runs smooth, powerfull, balanced and is reliable. I guess that should be possible for a Bristol 400 too. If I expect too much please put me back on the ground.

One of the cars was sold for a customer by SLJ Hackett. There was a Bristol 403 in the workshop. My son in law became aware of this car. Now we are two who are looking for a car made by Bristol in the 50th :-).


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