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Bela ,
they are at least 12 Bristol 400's in Germany but I don't know of any that are for sale .
After owning one of my 400's for over 40 years and restoring it twice, my recommendation is to buy the best car available within your budget and get an expert to inspect it before purchase .
They can be a very expensive car to restore especially if any previous accident damage has not been repaired correctly. Check the fit of the bonnets to the wings and scuttle . The panel gaps should be even .
Check for rust in the body under the doors and boot floor .
The wooden frame can rot especially where the boot hinges are fitted .
Bad examples can have substantial rust in the rear of the chassis frame.

Mechanically they are reasonably straightforward for a home mechanic to maintain with a few special tools. Check oil pressure when oil temperature is above 70 degC the pressure at 3000rpm should be between 55 - 60 psi .
If it is below 45psi the engine will need some work.

They are a rewarding car to drive when running well and adjusted correctly but benefit from upgraded brakes in today's traffic conditions.

There were 421 standard bodied production cars made plus about 10 prototype and special bodied cars . There are probably about 300 that exist in some form and about half of those would be in running condition.

None are known to be sold new in Germany but Australia was the largest export market taking 94 examples

Good luck in your search

BOC Joint 400 Registrar
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