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Default WTB Bristol 400

First let me introduce myself. I'm 67 years old, a retired engineer and own a MG TD from 1950 in good condition since 2015. It is not a daily driver but every year it runs about 5000 km. The most maintenance and repair I do on my own together with my son in law. Two of his cars are also british - a Jaguar XK120 and a doublesix.

I'd owned a Mercedes Benz 170 S from 1950 for 2 years but it was a car without spirit and so it was sold. I like old cars which are in good condition and I hate old cars better than new or with too much modern improvements. A Bristol 400 should be a supplement for longer distances with luggage and the goal is to give it into the hands of my youngest daughter if driving old cars will become too hard for me.

I have seen only one Bristol 400 in Germany - but this one was nearly perfect in a museum here in Nuremberg. It is car 308 from BOC list (the location may be altered fro England to Germany). Because of that I never had the chance to drive a Bristol 400 or talk to an owner. My wife and I have seen many old cars but when we were in front of that Bristol we fall in love.

We will be in GB at Tuesday the 5th of June and will visit 3 sellers. I would be glad if one of the cars will be a hit.

Are some other cars available?
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